Friday, 28 November 2008

Thali Corner Review

Cuisine: Rajasthani, Gujarati (Vegetarian!)

Background: Thali Corner is Chennai's newest authentic Rajasthani and Gujarati restaurant. There is no menu card here and go there only if you are in the mood for a wholesome thali which is priced at Rs 180/- on all days of the week for lunch and dinner. Stay clear if you are looking for light bites!

My Quicktake: You are willing to put up with a below-par dining experience, if you seek authentic Indian fare at prices that don't hurt the wallet. You don't have to make any such compromises at Thali Corner which is tastefully decorated with furniture and artefacts shipped all the way from Jodhpur. For me however the service is the biggest draw; waiters clad in traditional Rajasthani attire (Colourful turbans et all!) vie with each other to stuff you. Its almost like being at a Marwari friend's wedding - you don't have to ask for any refills; on the contrary you might have to keep the eager waiters at bay and make sure they don't overload your plate. Legendary Rajasthani hospitality in the heart of Chennai. The food's very authentic (No compromises on the ingredients) - A massive thali that includes starters, sweets, a bottomless Chaas (Buttermilk) glass, heaps of veggies and gravies, dal and kadi (In both Gujarati and Rajasthani versions) and an assortment of breads and rice. And after all that comes the perfect sweet paan, which I would rate as one of the best in Chennai. Thali Corner is not very easy to find, it is tucked away in a commercial complex but is well worth the search especially if you are looking for that big weekend binge lunch!

Post script: My last visit was slightly disappointing. The Thali is still filling but the standard has dipped a few notches. The Paan was missing too! It is average fare now but still worth a visit largely due to the portions and the attentive service.

Meal for two: Rs 400
Coordinates: Windsor Place, I Floor, 33/13 Balfour Road (Near Fruit Shop), Kilpauk, Chennai: 10/ Ph: 2647-1100
Signature Dish: Dal Baati
Open: For Lunch and Dinner on all days
Will I go there again?: Maybe