Sunday, 24 July 2011

Singham - review

The Buzz:
  • The remake of Surya's smash hit Singham
  • Ajay Devgan reprises Surya's cop role

The good: Racy, Ajay Devgan and Prakash Raj
The bad: Mostly predictable

Look out for: Some of the most craziest action scenes where everything from cars to baddies go airborne

Bottomline: A few years back we would welcome what were being called Multiplex movies being made for the niche urban audiences that gave us a respite from the formula movies. A lot has changed since; a lot of these alternative directors have become mainstream and we crave for formula movies where mindless entertainment doesn't involve any serious thinking at the end of a week full of Power point presentations and Excel spreadsheets. Singham takes you back to the 1980s where the line between good and bad is not blurred by shades of grey. The hero is village bred, loves his parents and is an honest cop and the bad guy needs to keep reminding us (With his sidekicks, one liners et all) that he is indeed the villain. Ajay Devgan may not have Chulbul Pandey's attitude (Salman Khan in Dabbang) but he enjoys himself playing Baji Rao Singham. He is pitted against Prakash Raj who was also in the Tamil version and provides enough entertainment with his over the top histrionics. Its almost like watching a Telugu film - Prakash Raj, Kaajal Agarwal, the locales and the action at breakneck speed. It may be cooler to say that you enjoyed watching 'Zindagi na milega dobara' but Singham is my choice if you want mindless 'Paisa Vasool' entertainment

Running time: 140 minutes (Approx)